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  Ceuta Healthcare Ltd.  National Accounts Reporting System
“The concept for a national accounts reporting system, which would combine information from different wholesaler sales data and then report at group, client and sales manager levels, had been around for several years before we made the call to Building Block Computer Services.
A few months down the line and we were waiting in anticipation for the first reports to be automatically published; and when we hit the button the system worked first time with accurate results.
We now had a bespoke Ceuta system, which can automatically publish all the required reports, as well as giving us dynamic data links so that we can link and create our own Excel pivot tables and chart reports on any variable within the systems database.
The whole project was a success and really worth the effort, and the name of the system, Athena, after the goddess of wisdom, is very apt, as Athena genuinely does give Ceuta wisdom of its mass of data, producing reports and analysis at levels that we never had before.”
Alan Eastwood - Bournemouth
Reporting Analyst
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